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Pay HOA Dues Online!

By Covenant, dues are legally required from all Property Owners in Farmington Meadows.


Dues are currently $296.00 per year.

Dues are billed for six-month periods in advance.

March ($148 + 4% convenience fee) and September ($148 + 4% convenience fee).

Dues are due BEFORE March 31 and September 30 and are PAST DUE after April 30 and October 31.

Unpaid balances are subject to late fees and loss of access to the FMHA facilities. Lot Numbers with delinquent balances exceeding $600.00, including the late fees, will have liens placed upon them. The lien placement fee is $100.00, and the lien release fee is $100.00. Also, any costs associated with lien filing or collections are the responsibility of the homeowner.

The board has the authority to increase the annual dues by 5% each year.

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