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Communication & Outreach

What makes a neighborhood a community? It's the interaction between the people of the neighborhood.

This page has links to the Facebook Page, the Newsletters, Classifieds (within the community) and Advertisements (External)


Farmington Meadows is located in the City of Germantown, TN. To know more about the city, click the link above. The city community Facebook page can be accessed here.


Last 5 months of Newsletters are available on this page for your perusal.


FMHA Facebook page is a live page with most neighbors on the page. New residents (homeowners and renters) need to request for joining the Facebook page. The Facebook page is a 'Closed Group' since it is meant to be used by current and previous residents of FHMA only. In Facebook, please search 'Farmington Meadows Homeowners Association'  and request to join the page. The administrator of the Facebook page will contact you via Facebook Instant Messenger to confirm your plot number before giving access to the page.  


This page is to list any services that the neighborhood residents provide. This page is NOT open to external advertisers. If you are a resident of FMHA and a fully-paid member of the HOA, you can request the board to add your service description to the website. Please note that we will not be able to add heavy files and images to the website.


These are ads that can be put online based on your relationships with external vendors. There is no fee for this addition, but we cannot add any sensitive materials and will be added at the discretion of the board.

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